Safe Travel Still Available

Safe Travel Still Available

Respite Away From Home

Castle La Crosse Bed and BreakfastIn the midst of the National Disaster and spread of Corona virus, we are getting many more calls from travelers hoping to stay at Castle La Crosse.  Bed and Breakfasts are a great option right now.  Travelers who have had their plans suddenly changed or cancelled are looking for alternatives.  Without going down the long list of people and businesses effected by the pandemic, we are happy to offer our home for romantic stays, special birthdays, and even a staycation if you need one.  We don’t know what will come next with the virus, but we do know that staying in our home with just four guest suites is a lot safer than staying with hundreds of other guests at a hotel.   The Castle has always been a wonderful getaway spot. Now you can also get away from the media and people who are in panic mode.  Make your reservation now!


Chef Brandon

Brandon's Stuffed Squash at Castle La Crosse
Savory Stuffed Squash

Chef Brandon uses the best and freshest organic ingredients available from the farms surrounding La Crosse.  Our food is not trucked in from other parts of the country.  We never buy big market produce or meats.  Let’s not miss the wonderful food available this time of year.  As the season changes into Spring, the first of the farmers market vegetables are soon available.  The ground is waking up; I can smell it.


Miss Twiggley’s Tree

When I was a boy…

Oh, no, here goes Billy with one of his long stories!  My favorite book as a kid was called “Miss Twiggley’s Tree“.  I still remember the first page:

“Funny Miss Twiggley lived in a tree with dog named Puss and a color TV.”

I am telling you this because I have a point. I don’t always have a point, but this time I do!

Miss Twiggley's Tree - Billy's Favorite Book at Castle La Crosse B&B
Billy’s Favorite Childhood Book

Miss Twiggley was a great influence on me when I was a boy.  The story goes that odd Miss Twiggley was not treated very friendly by the towns people and poor Puss was beat up by the other dogs.  But, then there came a big flood!  The town was practically washed away and one of the only things still standing was the huge weeping willow tree where Miss Twiggley and Puss lived.  So the townspeople came, even the Mayor’s wife, who had been particularly unfriendly to Miss Twiggley.  They were all given a warm bed and a delicious meal.  Miss Twiggley even gave the Mayor’s wife her own bed for the night.


Castle La Crosse Is A Safe Place

Hopefully you can see where I am going with this.  Our house is a safe place to stay during these difficult times.  In the current situation, you cannot get on a plane which is a pity because the airfare is so low right now.  Boats?  You can’t get on a boat right now: cruise ships are empty or quarantined.  Trains are not safe either, it seems, with so many people in close proximity.  Social distancing is an important factor in minimizing the spread of any virus. You can, however, get in your own car and drive to La Crosse from most anywhere in the continental United States and spend a night or two at Castle La Crosse.  Wisconsin has some beautiful outdoor venues away from the crowds as well.  Check out Wisconsin’s Department of Tourism for more information.

Come see us!  We are a great option for a getaway right now, don’t you think?



Kindness and Generosity – The Lessons of Miss Twiggley’s Tree

I’ll even share my favorite book with you!  It taught me a lot as a kid.  I never forgot the kindness and generosity of odd Miss Twiggley and her dog Puss.


Safe Travels,

Brandon and Bruce

Billy and Brandon of Castle La Crosse Bed and Breakfast

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