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Hello all,

We have an outstanding opportunity to promote Castle La Crosse across the entire US! It’s rare, but occasionally our wonderful marketing firm has an opening for a mass marketing program! It’s exciting, but what does that mean? Our marketing firm in Washington that built our website, keeps it updated and helps promote Castle La Crosse through social media has a full marketing program and can take on just a few clients. It’s a big deal! They only work with high-end Bed and Breakfasts, like the Castle and others, or fine boutique hotels across the country. We have learned so much from them and they have done a great job for us. Now, they have an opening for their full US marketing plan that will connect us with other successful businesses and really spread the word about what we have here in La Crosse across the entire US. We can reach out to our guests in the midwest, occasionally get a magazine article in Chicago or Minneapolis and continue our push to get a full feature in Midwest Living (the ultimate goal) but that only goes so far. Any of you that have your own business know it’s really a lot of work to keep posting and updating, which only works with those that have subscribed or follow you. Other advertising hasn’t worked well, plus advertising to our own area doesn’t make much sense, they already know we are here. When we got the call that the marketing firm had an opening for one more client this year, we jumped at that chance. Opportunity knocked!

How can you help? We have applied for a Kiva loan, which is a zero interest loan like we have had before to launch our business. Crowdfunding is a great way to gather small amounts of money from a very wide range of people around the world! We have now funded 70% of our loan with contributions of $25. Some people have given more, but mostly it’s been small donations that add up quickly. You can read our entire story and plan for the money, plus donate to help us reach our goal in the next few days. Please consider donating and also very importantly, share our loan information with your friends and social media. I didn’t know about crowdfunding, but I learned quickly that there are not a lot of options for small businesses that need a loan to expand, pay bills, stay afloat or in our case jump to the next phase of our business plan and really promote the business so it will be here for many years to come. COVID changed everything, we lost a little ground in our growth plan. Many businesses didn’t survive the shut down, it was very hard on us with travel restrictions and restaurants only offering curbside pick-up. But you learn, grow, adapt and change…or start over completely if that is what it takes. If I’m one thing, it’s relentless! I know we have a quality product, we love our lives and our home, sharing it is the greatest joy and what we offer guests is about as good as it gets! Not to brag, but we have something very special and want to see it safe and secure for the future. We have repaid our first Kiva loan and now working on our second, won’t you please help us reach 100% soon.

Thank you, as always, for your love, support, encouragement, gifts, cards, recipes, flowers and laughter in our amazing and iconic home. The Castle is happy, we are happy and very happy to share it!

Here is the link to our Kiva loan page, you can donate any amount above $25 and know that we will work hard with your help and see what the future holds! Come see us soon.

Billy and Brandon
Castle La Crosse

p.s. Yes, my first name is Bruce

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