A Fantastic Month for Lovers!

February is indeed a month for Lovers of all kinds! We still have a few rooms left for St. Valentines Day and the weekend before. Time to treat your love to a romantic getaway? I would think so! All five of our guest suites are romantic in their own way, from the balcony in the Mahogany Suite to the giant bed in the Walnut Suite. Each has their own charm, most guests want to try them all. We can add a few romantic touches to your room; handmade chocolates, a bottle of delicious regional red wine, flowers are always a treat and red roses are the best for Valentine’s Day. Order breakfast delivered to your room, that is such a luxury! All La Crosse area restaurants are expecting a big crowd, so plan early. I’m sure we all try to show our love and appreciation all year, but this is the one night to show off a bit. You can check availability on our website or give us a call.

Other lovers? How about Foodies? I always try to make it to the MOSES Organic Food Conference, in La Crosse this year February 23rd – 25th! I’m not even a farmer, but all the new innovations and equipment is really something to see! I could so easily be vegetarian, as I have said many times. We are very lucky to live in the Midwest with some of the most fertile soil on the planet! Thank you to the mighty Mississip! In trying to find you a link for the Organic Food Conference I learned that MOSES has changed names and is not Marbleseed Organic Food Conference. Something new! Check out their website, they are doing very good work: https://www.lsc1w1p.org/events/2023/2/23/marbleseed-formerly-moses-organic-farming-conference

What’s new at the Castle? For you history lovers and project lovers, it’s been a long and slow winter. We focused on several projects inside the house to get ready for our wonderful photographer Tom Krueger to come and re-shoot the entire inside and some outside photos of Castle La Crosse. It’s time, the photos we have are really exceptional and tell the right story, but they are out of date. Several rooms have changed colors, gotten new furniture or even in the case of the Mahogany Suite, a whole new room was added since our last photo shoot. Tom is coming for a couple of days in April, I’ve got quite a punch list to get finished before he arrives and starts shooting. What has been fun during the ongoing painting and updating projects, I’ve been talking as if I was being filmed while working, as I will be for our upcoming youtube channel “Capturing the Castle”
Much like the Chateau Diaries the follow Stephanie around her 15th century home, Chateau de LeLande. Follow me as I take on new projects at CastLe La Crosse, walk with me as we plan and lay out the garden, watch as I take a room in our Castle that hasn’t been touched in years and give it a whole new look and purpose. We are very good at planning, figuring out rooms and how to use them, arranging furniture and art for the guests to enjoy…but, the real work is more fun to watch. I just finished the gold leaf on 80 wooden laurel wreaths that circle the top of the large dining room. They have been there for a hundred years, but sadly they were painted over many years ago in an effort to save them. Long story short, the wooden wreaths were popping off and pieces were being saved and glued back, finally all the pieces were back in place and to save the wreaths, someone decided to paint them. Since we have never seen them in natural wood color, I really can’t complain, but it was time to bring them out with gold leaf. Each wreath took me about an hour to gild, I could only do a few per day before my eyes said No More. They are finished and gleaming, very regal and elegant. We are very happy to have them. What next? I’m not sure, a few things are calling me, I’ll let you know

Love from the Castle as always, come see us!

Billy and Brandon
Castle La Crosse

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