Daffodil Summer is coming on but fast

Hello all, Those are words from a favorite song and I love daffodil colors

I just heard Natalie Cole singing “That Sunday” and thought of all the flowers coming this spring! Treat yourself to a listen, I had the opportunity to see Natalie perform this in Houston. We miss her enchanting voice and the love she shared.

As winter starts to give way to Spring we are planning to be busy here at the Castle. To get ready, we are moving things around, painting and cleaning, potting plants, moving art and mirrors around…the usual! For us, the big house will never be finished. As I have told many guests recently, I have never taken on a project that I knew would actually never be finished. Usually there is an end-goal in mind and you aim for that, plan for that, look forward to that day. The beginning/middle/end is usually the way it works, but setting all that aside, we took on a project to bring the Castle back to life in some areas and giving it a new life in others. It won’t be finished, I accept that, but we will do all we can as the current caretakers. Thank you all for your words of encouragement and donations to help us with our long project list. This year we will focus on the gardens around the Castle. I look forward to walking with you around and showing off what we have discovered, planted and all that has changed. Waiting to dig into the grounds around the house has been difficult. Really difficult! As most of you know, there is something therapeutic about digging in the dirt, planting something and watching it grow. I think I mentioned, we found some antique or heirloom roses, the type that would have grown around the house when it was built in 1892! How charming is that, to think that these varieties could have been growing here and Jesse Holway clipped them and brought them into the house – History repeating itself as it loved to do. As soon as it’s warm enough, I’ll start painting the pergola, which goes in the side yard. You will be able to see it from your room if you book the Maple suite. It is metal, all curvy and ornate. I have not decided for sure if I’ll grow wisteria on that, I hear that takes over and I would not want it to cover the metalwork too much. There may be a climbing rose or something else that would be better. Sort of the perfect spot to propose or give a nice romantic anniversary gift, don’t you think?

It’s time to start making your Spring and Summer travel plans, or gift certificates you want to give to family or friends. We are excited to welcome so many back again and share stores, that is the best part about the B&B business, all the people we meet and get to chat with. Bring your old friends you haven’t seen in a while, your book club or coworkers that need a break. Play games or cards, have a glass or three on the front porch on a warm evening, dance in the entry hall or take a walk around the historic district that surrounds our home. Any suggestions for things we can add, just let us know. I’m counting the days before the farmers market opens, summer tomato season and of course what we bake in the kitchen. I’ll try to post some photos of our projects in other parts of the house, but those are all taking on a life of their own and more time than expects, no surprise.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to check your calendar, mark off some days and plan a trip! The Castle is the perfect getaway and you deserve it.

Love from Castle La Crosse
See you soon
Sing along with Natalie when you can

Billy and Brandon

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