We are plowing into 2022

Hello All,  Full Steam Ahead, Man the Torpedos!  We are definitely off and running in the new year as we patiently wait for Winter to move on and make room for Spring!  As many of you know, we have been working all year on guest suite #5, which is named Mahogany.  That project is still on-going, no surprise with COVID slowing supply chains down to a slow crawl. We hear from our guests quite often they are experiencing the same thing with their projects, we have to all be patient.  Use the time wisely, I keep telling myself, so (contrary to strong advice from friends) I’ve started not one but two other projects!  Might as well get the whole Castle in transition mode, why do things half way, jump in with both feet!  Painting continues, I will die with paintbrush in hand and probably wearing my most paint stained clothes, but I’ll be happy!  I love the process of renewal that a coat of paint can accomplish in a day.

Thanks to a lovely book by designer/architect James Michael Howard called ATMOSPHERE we are now paying more attention to ceilings and trims.  The music room ceiling is now a pale shade of green!  JMH was right, ceilings don’t have to be white.  Speaking of the Howard’s, Amy Howard, his wife, has also been an inspiration I highly recommend.  If you are at all interested in painting techniques or just learning something new for fun, check out her online courses at https://www.amyhowardhome.com/

We are plowing into 2022 1

Springtime will mean a big focus change as we get started on the grounds around the Castle.  I have always considered our home “Castle La Crosse Bed & Breakfast and Gardens” even with no much in the way of gardens to stroll at the moment. It is time to focus on the dozens of shrubs and trees that need removed and replaced.  Things have a life expectancy and many things on the property have reached theirs.  It is time for some heavy duty clearing, cutting, removing and replacing.  These things take time and also don’t be shy about hiring some professional help to lay out your property properly.  Still relatively new to this region, I don’t know what grows best, so hitting up the local library in hopes of finding a book by a Driftless Region garden club or something, I didn’t have much luck.  We will have to work with a local supplier to lay out what will grow best with our sun, soil and water.  I do think there was a rose garden when Jesse and N.B. Holway built the Castle, I’d like to find out what roses would work best.  There is probably an antique rose supplier online with info to look through for that.  I know one in Texas we could visit when down that way to see family and friends.  https://antiqueroseemporium.com/.

We are plowing into 2022 2

There is always something to do in La Crosse!  I know that is true because we hear it from our guests and I try to add things to my own calendar as much as possible.  The newly remodeled La Crosse Center is going to mean a lot to our city.  As the only large convention center and trade show space in the region, it will serve several counties and hundreds of businesses for several years.  They really did a great job, it’s modern and inviting as well as fits perfectly into the landscape and the River just a few feet from the Center.  You can watch a fun video about the giant renovation project here: https://youtu.be/AKxFACjsS_4.

It’s time to plan your next trip to La Crosse, check the schedule at the La Crosse Center for concert tickets and sporting events, see what music will be playing at the bandshell in the park, see if there is room on the paddleboat and of course reserve your favorite guest room at Castle La Crosse.  Hopefully the Mahogany Suite will be finished soon, we already have a waiting list for that one.


Safe Travels, Hello from the dogs!  See you soon,

Billy and Brandon


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