Pothole For Rent on Main Street: 2 Bedroom / 1 Bath

Thankfully Spring is Just Around The Corner

Winter has been brutal again this year, but the snow is leaving quickly as Spring is finally on the scene.  As it leaves, we see the damage Mother Nature has left behind, including those potholes!  Fortunately for us, we don’t have to fix those, but we do have lots of projects to add to the list for Spring.  Winter last year stuck around well into April, but this year I think we are in for what can only be described as a spectacular Spring.  Birds have returned and we wake up to them chirping.  Just this afternoon, something big rolled off the roof of the Castle; it’s probably a Titanic size ice berg that has been up there since Christmas.

So, what does all this mean?  I will tell you:  it means Farmers Markets, Craft Fairs, and Boats along the Mississippi.  You should see it for yourselves one day soon!

The Mississippi Valley Conservancy

The Mississippi Valley Conservancy does great work in this region.  I’m on the advisory committee.  We plan fund-raising events for the area and figure out how best to spread the word about this environmental organization.

The Conservancy is 20 years old this year and has 20,000 acres under its protection from development as of 2019.  Hiking is allowed on most of the land and the views into the Great River Valley make for great memories with family and friends. You can’t replace land once it’s destroyed, so protection is vital.  Check out the Conservancy website and come to the annual members meeting on March 30, 2019.

Castle La Crosse B&B Gift Shop

The Castle La Crosse B&B Gift Shop is doing very well this year thanks to the artists that use their talents to create such beautiful things for our guests.  Recently added work by Laurel Grey Glassworks is just remarkable and a beautiful addition to the shop.  Her work is organic; you want to touch it.  See the Wind Chimes featuring drift wood from Door County, Framed Collages of Fall Color in glass leaves, and her famous “Strands” which I want all over the Castle.  The “Strands” have clear glass leaves, beads, seeds, and colored glass pieces;  hang one in your window and draw in good energy as “Strands” catch the sunlight.  There are quite a variety: some are several feet long to hang in a big window or doorway; others are shorter with beautiful, dark, rich colors.  Laurel also makes sculptured trees of copper wire and glass leaves. My favorite sculptured tree has a charming swing hanging from a twisted branch; it definitely makes you laugh, a spontaneous response from one’s inner child.

Find and Explore

Though we are surrounded by beauty, the urge to travel is always calling.  As we explore this wonderfully creative region of the United States, we will report back to you with what we find.  Our explorations may spur you to add something to your itinerary when you next visit The Castle. There is truly something for everyone in the Midwest.

Spring forward with all your might, because all too soon we will have to Fall back again.

Safe Travels!

Billy and Brandon

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