Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to Castle La Crosse Bed and Breakfast

My, how time flies!  Congratulations to all of you for helping us become what we are today: thankful and blessed to celebrate our two year anniversary as Castle La Crosse Bed and Breakfast!!

Our guests have had so much fun here!  And we are so very proud to be celebrating two years of offering our guests romantic weekends and relaxing getaways in a true American Castle!

We opened for business on May 10 of 2017 and have heard so many wonderful stories from our guests about their stays; it truly has been the best part of the B&B business. To honor our anniversary, we will be offering a free one-night stay to a new friend and fan who signs up for Castle News from our website www.CastleLaCrossebnb.com. Like us on Facebook as well to stay up to date on the latest events in the area.


In other exciting news, we are very happy to announce that the Castle is now a Destination Charging Station.  We have two TESLA chargers on site, as well as a universal car charger, ready for guests to use during their stay.  Tesla will add the Castle to their GPS system so we will now show up on their dashboard maps!  What a  great way to promote the city of La Crosse as well as our own business.  Find out more at https://www.tesla.com/destination-charging


Farmers Market and Opus Bakehouse

May is Farmers Market time! Our latest discovery is Opus Bakehouse. We have picked up fresh baked treats from their booth and boy are their treats delicious!   Look them up on Facebook and see the variety of goodies available at their booth this coming weekend.  The rhubarb treats were amazing, but I only got a tiny bite because someone gobbled down the rest: those are Brandon’s favorite!  We’ll be sending out photos of the smorgasbord of goodies available soon at the market.

Pergola Project

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, it’s time for me to start painting that metal pergola we brought from Texas in the dead of winter!  I was hoping the snow and Mother Nature would strip away all the old, flaking paint, and voila! that plan worked beautifully.  I will paint the pergola in a color called Polar Bear, a FrenChic paint we now have available in the Castle La Crosse Gift Shop.  You can check out the paints, the wide variety of colors, and sample projects at www.FrenChicUSA.com. It’s going to be quite a job and will most likely take all summer, but I’ll be outside in the beautiful weather and that will definitely make my day.

Castle La Crosse Wood Care

In one of my previous posts, I promised to include some facts about Castle La Crosse and what it takes to maintain a Victorian Castle built in 1892.  I’ll discuss the different types of wood found in our home. The woods include Golden Oak, Hemlock, Sycamore, Birds-eye Maple, Hard-Rock Maple, Butternut, and more.  We believe in caring for our home with as few chemicals as possible, both inside and outside. Simplicity is key so we use an old-fashioned mixture of white vinegar and water to clean the basics.  Murphy’s Oil Soap is another environmentally friendly product that we use for cleaning furniture and wood. I use Simple Green to scrub outside on our decks and patios.  See their website at https://simplegreen.com . As part of our mission to conserve, protect, and share Castle La Crosse, we do our best not to use chemicals that may harm the house, the grounds, or the environment.

Next time, I will let you know what we’ve found hidden in the attics at the Castle!

Safe travels!

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