Projectus Maximus Continuous

Well…That might not be correct Latin, but you get the idea! Big projects continue around the Castle and all is going well. Thanks for all your wonderful words of encouragement, donations and advice. This is all still new to us, getting to know the entire Castle top to bottom will take years. Oh, but what fun it is! Here’s a quick update: We completed and opened guest suite #5 which is the Mahogany suite. The bathroom remodel took a year, which seems amazing but post-COVID, everything is on a new time schedule and we just have to get used to that. If I have one more person explain to me the complexities and difficulties getting supplies, I might have to scream. I know, I get it, the supply chain that had worked for decades was disrupted completely by COVID-19. We are doing our best to get to know the new normal, that takes time. Waiting weeks or months for something is not that unusual in other places or even parts of the US, we are just not used to the long wait times. I cancelled an order the other day when I was told it would not be delivered until late September. Only to find out that is faster than other places, but I have not worked up the nerve to call and reinstate that order. I don’t have any more spare time to start shopping around, I’ll have to make that call.
If there were good things that came from the pandemic, it was that people got a lot more into their homes and gardens. Our local garden center tripled their regular order and sold out again! We found how passionate we are about our own garden, flower beds, plants, trees and how we would like the grounds around the castle to look. It’s been a chore! Picture me pushing wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow full of gravel from one place to another. I’m really not 25 anymore and a few hours of that was the reminder. Soon there will be a lift rolling around the property as Gordon starts to dismantle the front spire, which is the point on the right side on the front of the house. It’s deteriorating and needs some woodwork, then a fresh coat of primer and paint, probably where I’ll come in. While we have the lift, let’s go ahead and paint the top of the tower and front of the carriage house. Both of those are so high, it will be a new experience to paint those areas. All that we do we look at as gifts to the house. The Castle means so much to us, it’s home, work and an ongoing project that will far outlive both of us. I’m learning from other grand homes around the country, the to-do list never gets shorter. Just check out the videos on YouTube from Countess Carnarvon at Highclere Castle (Downton Abby) and all they do. The Earl is out chopping trees and spreading manure just like…well, not me, but some guy like me that lives in a big house. We do it all, paint, clean, repair, greet, cook, chop, haul and start all over again. It’s an amazingly different life and I realize we are the type of guys that need something different. Here’s a clip:
From another B&B, actually one in the UK, I noticed they had a wish list on their website. Though we always accept donations and anything to help the projects along, we might create a specific wish list of items we need to continue the restoration and preservation work we do. Our amazing woodworker is currently creating several storm windows to protect the original 1892 wood windows and their glass. There have been aluminum storm windows protecting them for many years, thank goodness. Many of those no longer work well, some refuse to open. We cannot get to the wood windows from the outside to clean or do maintenance on those, time to remove the aluminum storms and replace with custom wood storm windows. Remember what that involves, Gordon can make those, but I’ll need to prime and add a couple coats of paint on each. That’s a chore. I think the first item on my wish list might be a paint sprayer…which could be dangerous! Look out for the dog, car, neighbors garage and anything else I may accidentally spray. OOPS! Or, never doubt, I could be quite good at painting with a compressor and sprayer. Let’s find out! In the meantime, best of luck with your projects, seems everyone has something going on these days. Be safe and keep an eye on our photos on Facebook and Instagram for more progress updates! Safe Travels.Projectus Maximus Continuous 1

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