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Exciting News!

Grandad Bluff - take a driving tour during your stay at Castle La Crosse
Grandad Bluff

We have so much exciting news to share from Castle La Crosse. I just don’t know where to begin.  We have shared the Castle with a record number of new guests in the last few months.  The weather has been outstanding, perfect for all the things the Coulee Region is famous for:  hiking, boating, walking tours, dinner cruising, farmers markets, and strolls along the Mississippi River with your mate. As I’ve told many guests, we enjoy sharing our home. I can tell that the Castle really likes it, too.  The greatest compliment for us to hear is when guests or visitors who has not been inside the house for many years say “it feels so warm and inviting”.  We know then that we have accomplished all what we set out to do!


Finest Example of Grand 19th Century Architecture

Antique Stained Glass Brightens the Grand Staircase of Castle La Crosse
Antique Stained Glass

As a reminder, the Castle is 127 years old this year and is easily the finest example of grand 19th century architecture in the region.  The home has dozens of features original to 1892, from doors, stained glass windows, and beautiful wood floors, to the exquisite woodwork.  There have not been a lot of changes to the home; just a lot of loving upkeep and maintenance.  Other than gentle updates like central air and heat, converting gas fixtures to electric, and the addition of a modern kitchen and baths, nothing has been done to the house.  Soon we will put together a book on the woodwork and stained glass in the Castle. Guests are always welcome to take pictures. But now, they will have the opportunity to bring home a book of our home to keep or share as well.  What a great holiday gift idea!


Neora Age-Defying Skincare and Wellness Products

Neora Products Now Offered at Castle La Crosse B&B

Another big addition to Castle La Crosse Bed and Breakfast is the full range of Neora Age Defying Skincare and Wellness Products.  We offer the full line of 17 specialty products from Neora, focusing on wellness products for stress management, sleep fulfillment, energy, cellular and digestive health, and holistically based skin care.  We found Neora from an article on EHT; you will be amazed.  Please see the video by Dr. Karyn Catt, a certified neurologist with over 20 years of experience.

We have learned so much and would love to share with you all the benefits of these amazing products that have helped so many.

Full body health is now something we can help you manage at the Castle.

Neora Health and Wellness Products Now Offered at Castle La Crosse B&B
Neora Wellness Products

Our mission has always been to maintain our historic home, help people relax and enjoy their getaway or romantic weekend, help promote travel, and to also relieve some of the stress from everyday life.  This product line hits many of those points and we had to make them part of all we offer here at the Castle.  We found the wellness products from Neora to be exactly what we were looking for in quality, price, and in social impact.  Plus these products are safe, environmentally aware, and animal friendly.  Check them out online.  You can order directly from or call us for details.  You can also do your own research at or look for Neora on Facebook and YouTube.

Additionally, look for the Neora logo in all the guest suites at the Castle and in our gift shop where we have the full product line available as well as information about its healthful benefits.  We are thrilled to have found Neora: it’s just what we all need to feel our best.  I don’t usually promote a product line with such excitement, but, I’m so happy to have discovered Neora.


Come see us,

Billy and Brandon

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