What’s new in 2021 at Castle La Crosse

Restaurants are open in La Crosse!  Slowly and carefully La Crosse is finding it’s way back from such a strange year.  We have been out to eat at Lovechild and La Chateau, thoroughly enjoying seeing friends and other people.  As you may know, La Crosse is surrounded by some very fine organic and sustainable farms.  Those farms supply our restaurants, which means great food and farm-to-table freshness!  We have enjoyed many surprises, from a simple little spring onion that is only available for a couple weeks to a bounty of rhubarb when it is ready.  Brandon loves to bake with Rhu for the guests!  It’s unusual for some that live in areas where it does not grow or common and comforting to those that live in the Midwest where it grows like weeds.  Somehow we forget about a brutal winter when we have one as soon as the first signs of spring show up!  What next?  Well, start our Spring cleaning, get ready for travelers that have been stuck inside for a year and find out what is freshest at the market.  Always the ongoing maintenance projects!  Those keep us young.  Some guests have a favorite room, Maple is sunny yellow and people love all the windows.  Walnut is darker and has a bit of old world mystery about it.   Birch is a marvelous blue that reminds you of the ocean or that trip to Greece you have always wanted to take.  Now, we have a new surprise for our friends and guests…the Oak suite has had a little acorn.  There is a now a nice sitting room attached to our smallest suite, its is a comfortable spot with chairs for reading, a window set way up high and quiet!  The WiFi works well, you can grab your tablet or favorite book, a cup of tea from the Willow Suite/Castle Card room and settle in for some quiet time.  Oak was the only one without a sitting area, so we found a way to add one.  Come stay and we will show you before and after pics.  It’s going to be a favorite.  The La Crosse Center, our large convention center is open!  After a long remodel process, the La Crosse Center looks amazing.  Sleek and modern, ready for conventions and large gatherings when those are permitted.  It will bring a lot of traffic to La Crosse and with that comes new eateries and such.  If I was thinking of opening a restaurant (which I’m NOT)  La Crosse would be high on my list.  We need a ramen restaurant for the college kids, we need some good Thai food, if anyone has the gumption to open a new place, do it soon!

One last thing…the long awaited Castle La Crosse cookbook.  Hear the crowd roar!  It’s coming, I know we have been saying that, but a few other projects needed our attention and we can now get back on that one.  Get ready, I promise to sample and re-sample all the dishes myself.  We will keep you posted

Thank you for your wonderful support!  Donations to Castle La Crosse through our website have been so heartfelt, we cannot thank you enough for helping us maintain our landmark home.

Safe Travels, book soon!

Love from the Castle to you!


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