Gift Certificate season is upon us!

What fun! Gift certificates, unlike gift cards from a store, are a lot more personal. When you give someone the gift of a nights stay or two at the Castle, you are letting them know that you pay attention to what they like (architecture, great food, unique getaways) and you want them to take a break and take a seat at Castle La Crosse. Here is a link, for when you think of just the right person or couple that would love to stay in our iconic home!
So..I had to write a bio about myself last week. That is harder than I thought! Where to you begin, what do you include? Do you start with a joke like you are giving a presentation, probably not. But, as it turned out, it was fun to write a few paragraphs and list some accomplishments. I thought it would be a good idea to check out the bio for some of my favorite people that have that sort of thing out there online. Bunny Williams was first, probably because I was right in the middle of reading her book An Affair With A House, which I love. It is interesting, I bought that book years ago when it was new and it didn’t apply to my life at the time. I didn’t get much out of it, so I think I donated it to the library. Now that I have a much different life and house, which I seem to be having an affair with, I decided to check out her book again. It made so much more sense this go round. But I digress, I looked up her bio for ideas along with a few other people and threw together something acceptable for a presentation I’m doing this week to some entrepreneur ladies. I do love sharing our story of the Castle and how all that came about, with hopes that it is inspiring to others to focus on what they want and obtain the life they want to live. I have learned a lot about making a comfortable, inviting and interesting home from all of our design books. I do enjoy that process and sharing something different with our guests, showing them another way to live or how people lived 130 years ago is really fun. What’s up next? I’m working on the Castle La Crosse cookbook, that’s a process! But it is time to reopen the Castle Gift shop. I mentioned this before, but some progress has been made on that project. If I could get it open for Christmas, I’d be happy, but being realistic and looking at the project plan, more like Valentine’s day would be more realistic. We will open and have as many wonderful things to share with our guests as I’m able to find. As many of you know, I have had a long history with antiques and fine art. The stables are a great place to share the many, many things available in this region. If there is a winery we could partner with, we could make some picnic baskets, or hampers as they are called in the UK. Some wine, cheese and something Brandon bakes in the Castle kitchen. Take your basket down by the river for an old fashioned day out by the water. The parks and trails around our home offer virtually unlimited walking, hiking and biking! With Fall colors in full explosion at the moment, the “Hills are Alive”. Sorry, couldn’t resist

Back to the Castle Cookbook; if all goes well we can create a nice series of books. Castle Cookbook, Castle entertains, Castle Cakes, Castle Christmas with old new and well tested recipes. I’ll keep you posted on that project but all things done well take time and much pondering. Plus, there’s all that taste testing I will volunteer to do just so you get the best of the best.

Safe Travels, come see us when you can. Don’t forget those that would love a stay at the Castle and a gift certificate will get them here.

Billy & Brandon

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Give The Gift Of A Gift Certificate To Castle La Crosse.