The Elves Have Been Hard At Work at Castle La Crosse

The Elves of Castle La Crosse

The Elves have been hard at work at Castle La Crosse. We are decorated for Christmas and it seems like the festivities and decorations are getting bigger each year. A large red wreath is now displayed on the third floor windows at the front of the house. The fireplace mantles are decorated and the Grand Staircase has a huge tree that reaches nearly to the second floor landing.

We have done a lot of good work this year. Thankfully, our accomplishments are many and we have much to be proud of.  Several times this year, we lent our house to various charities for fundraisers or parties to thank their many volunteers.

The New Year

Next year, we plan to finish several projects around the house and will launch a new line of items for the gift shop from the amazing Sid Dickens. As always, we continue to search and find amazing and unique gift items for our guests to discover and take home with them as a reminder of their stay at the Castle.

Exploring The Area

Today, we went to the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe, just 30 minutes away from the Castle. Set on top of a bluff, the Shrine is a wonderful area attraction.  Many visitors are amazed at the little church and its architecture. Built in the 17th Century Renaissance Style, the church has a wonderfully calming effect as you walk amongst the grounds and meaner through the forest. There are so many trees; their leaves are mesmerizing. The trip to the Shrine is well worth the hike.  To find out more about the La Crosse area and what it has to offer, please visit on our website.

Last Minute Details

This week we got all our packages in the mail, plus a few last minute cards, and made several phone calls to dear friends.

We continue to be amazed at the food in this region. After an amazing Apple season, we are preparing for tantalizing PEARS! I’m not sure I am quite finished with Apples this season; they were so delicious. I never realized, before moving to La Crosse, that this part of Wisconsin is  prime Apple country! I will keep you posted on my job as taste-tester!

Next time, I’ll fill you in on the Axe Throwing Bar that is about to open downtown. Yes, you heard that right! What could possibly go wrong?

Safe travels, everyone!

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